MR Reporting Wizard

A screenshot of a Windows application, displaying the various parameters that the user can choose.

Business Intelligence Can be Simple

A Los Angeles-based realty firm came to me with a problem: the software that they were using to track their properties didn't give them information in format that they could use. The software wasn't actively developed, so they couldn't just upgrade, and they didn't want to migrate to an entirely new tool.

I offered to build the client an easy-to-use reporting tool that would read the realty application's database and deliver the information they needed. I looked through the application's Visual Foxpro database and figured out what was stored where. Using that information, along with Visual FoxPro's proprietary programming language and SQL queries, I built a tool that lets users generate reports in less than a minute.

I worked with the client to make sure that the product gave them all the data they needed without introducing a sea of buttons and menus. The client has since commissioned additional features for this application.

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