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Working Together for a Sharper Look

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While working at 352 Media Group, I was the lead front-end developer on the redesign of This website had a rich design, a broad set of features, and a tight timeline. I am proud to have been part of the team that produced created this website and launched it in time for the company’s 90th anniversary in December 2011.

Our team consisted of front-end developers, a designer, and back-end developers. I wrote much of the front-end code for the site, utilizing 352 Media Group’s “Kiwi” CSS framework and following the company’s coding style. We implemented nine color schemes, corresponding to the company’s six divisions and three regions.

I collaborated with back-end developers to ensure that front-end code worked with our ASP.NET-based code. When unexpected issues came up, I helped make design decisions and wrote C# for a few of the components. I also advised and directed the other front-end developers who worked on this project, and I ensured that the final site matched the original design while remaining flexible as content grew.

The launch of this website marked the beginning of the company’s successful push to sell products directly to consumers in the US and abroad. Andis continues to commission new features for their website from 352 Media Group.

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