Loyalty Dice Roller

A screenshot of a die bouncing around an iPhone screen.

A dice rolling game for Android and iOS

At 352 Media Group, I developed a die rolling game for iOS and Android. The client had developed Loyalty Dice, a PhoneGap application that worked like a loyalty card system. Instead of earning stars or points, the player earns dice that she can roll to win prizes. The client requested that we develop the component of the game that allows the user to shake the phone and roll an animated die across the screen, then relays the result of the roll back to the main application.

Working closely with a 3D animator, I wrote the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for the game. I built and tested it on Android and iOS hardware, using PhoneGap, XCode, and Apache Ant (an Android build tool).

We delievered a standalone application along with source code that was integrated into the main Loyalty Dice application. The animation was adjusted as part of this process — the die is larger and no longer bounces around the screen — and the final product is available on the App Store and the Android Market.

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