Owl City: Shooting Star (The Game)

Screenshot of the game, showing an owl flying over the ocean.

I was the lead developer on Shooting Star (The Game), which we built using JavaScript, the HTML5 canvas element, and the Impact.js game engine. The game works on any device with a modern browser, and can be played with a keyboard or a touchscreen. We wrote heavily object-oriented JavaScript, which kept our code organized, made it easier for developers to collaborate, and avoided having to write the same code over and over.

Our team worked closely to create a rich, fun game in a few weeks. Our creative director crafted the game's look and feel, and our project manager handled sound design. Another developer built the leaderboard, social sharing features, and some enemy logic. (When the game launched, players could compare their scores to those of their friends and top players around the world. The leaderboard API that we used has since shut down.) We all brainstormed ideas and gameplay mechanics together, and we all tested, tweaked and refined the game as we went to make it more fun.

After the game launched, players from around the world appeared on the leaderboard. One player posted a video of his high score on YouTube, and another made an animated GIF of the game. We had a blast building the game, and the reception from Owl City fans was wonderful.

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