Tampa Bay Times

Screenshots of the website running on various devices.

I led the front-end development of the new, responsive website for the Tampa Bay Times. Our team of developers, designers, editors, and digital strategitsts crafted a new experience that feels at home on any device with a web browser, but is also true to the paper's Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism and bold print design.

I built a CSS framework composed of a resuable modules that could be combined to make the pages throughout the site. The site uses a heavily customized version of the Columnal grid system, one of a few of fluid grid systems available when I began working on the website in 2011.

I also developed open source jQuery plugins for the site:

When we encountered problems, I designed new layout options on paper or in the browser, rapidly prototyping and testing various solutions. I worked closely with the design team.

I delivered a set of front-end code for various pages on the site, and developers at the Tampa Bay Times integrated it into their content management system and implemented additional features. I also answered developers' questions about responsive design and JavaScript.

The reimagined Tampa Bay Times is true to the paper's original print design while also adapting to a variety of devices.

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