UX Design Practices
Running a UI Design Workshop, Usability Test, Lean UX Workshop, or Heuristic Evaluation can help you learn more about your users and your product, leading to better decisions and more effective designs. In the Open Practice Library, October 2018 — April 2019.
JavaScript, the Magnificent Bastard Tongue of the Web
JavaScript is lot like English: it's quirky and flexible, and it borrows liberally from other languages. By embracing and learning about these idiosyncrasies, we can write better software. The Pastry Box Project, July 29th 2014.
A Flexible Approach to Responsive Navigation
Check how much of our navigation fits in the space available, then take items that don’t fit and move them into a dropdown menu. Based around my flexMenu plugin. Webdesigntuts+, September 3rd 2012.
Make it Faster, Make it Badder, Make it Awesome
Improving web performance takes attention to detail and requires front-end and back-end developers to work together. At Atlanta HTML5, 4/19/2012. Slides, video, and reviews are available.
New Developer Tools in Firefox 10 and 11
Rather than try to reproduce Firebug or the WebKit developer tools, Mozilla has included only the most essential features, focusing instead on making the experience elegant.Webdesigner Depot, 1/30/2012.
How to Bulletproof @font-face Web Fonts
Web fonts will look different across browsers and operating systems. With a little testing and tweaking, you can accommodate users in a variety of environments. (As featured on Hacker News and Mozilla Hacks.) In Six Revisions, 10/10/2011.
Target Practices
At the Discovery on Target conference, presenters discussed a variety of ways to speed drug development, improve efficacy, and avoid side effects. Part of a special report on transforming drug development. In Bio-IT World, 1/20/2010.
Out of the Gate
Mitrionics' hybrid computing speeds genomics apps. In Bio-IT World, 9/15/2009.
Mapping Points of Contact
MAPAS computer program spurs drug discovery efforts for neurological diseases. In Bio-IT World, 5/12/08.
How worried should you be about metal whiskers?
Troublesome filaments can wreak havoc in data centers. In Network World, 8/27/07.
On the Ladder Up
Newly qualified accountants discuss how they got into the field. In BusinessPlus, August 2007 (PDF).
Military research aims to develop self-configuring, secure wireless nets
Researchers develop military-grade intelligent wireless net. (As featured on Slashdot.) In Network World, 8/16/06.
Could your keyboard spy on you?
"JitterBugs" can silently transmit passwords by using network delays. In Network World, 8/08/06.
Free beer but no gorillas: Microsoft plays hard at partner conference
An unusual take on Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference. In Network World, 7/13/06.
Analyzing software bugs to death
Professor's project relies on users: "There's always more bugs than engineers." In Network World, 7/10/06.
How to destroy a hard drive in five seconds
When "Format C:" just isn't good enough. In Network World, 6/27/07.
The Rise of the IT Architect
Demand grows for leaders who can take a broad view of the enterprise. In Network World, 9/12/05.